Becoming More Decisive

Decisions, decisions, decisions! Maybe it's selecting what to order from an extensive restaurant menu. Or choosing which event to attend when two are happening at the same time. We are faced with many decisions every day. Hundreds of them, if you really stop to think about it. Some of them are easy, like what to have for breakfast or what to wear (that one is generally easier for men than women, in my experience). Other decisions are more involved. They may require gathering additional information or input from others. One thing that is clear about highly productive and successful people is that they are good at making decisions. They make decisions in a timely manner, and deal with the outcomes as they occur. To Decide Or Not To Decide I don't know about you, but I am not a very good decision maker. I can handle the easy stuff. In fact, I am pretty productive person and make lots of decisions that I can implement myself. But when it comes to things that require the involveme…

If Frankenstein Was A Blogger

As business owners who are building an online platform, we are a bit like Viktor Frankenstein building his "monster." My daughter is reading Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein" in her seventh grade English class, and it got me thinking. Every blog article is sort of like a single part of the body - an ear, a nose, a finger. Each one has an important purpose, contributing to the whole. But individually, they are limited in their functionality. It Evolves Like Dr. Frankenstein, we often don't have a clear picture of what the entire body or platform or message will be when we start out, or when we create each individual piece. But as more parts are added together, a picture begins to emerge. This is why creating content on a regular basis can be a critical part of your business growth and development. So much more can come out of it! It's Alive! Once the amount of content reaches a critical mass, and enough care and thought and energy have been put into it, it …

A Year Of Dancing and Growth

It's been just over a year since I walked back into a dance studio for the first time in over 10 years. Last year at this time, I share an article called "I Hope You Dance", and it generated some of the most powerful responses I have ever received. Many people were touched and inspired and wrote me things like "You're story moved me to tears as I resonated with it." Well, I want to report back that the past year of being back in touch with my true creative passion has been incredible. I have continued to dance while growing my business and creating memories with my family. In fact, I really believe that dancing has made me a more successful entrepreneur and a better mom and wife. It has certainly made me a healthier and stronger person. In the past year, I learned countless steps in 12 different ballroom dancing styles, I learned choreographed routines in 8 of those styles, I performed at my studio 6 times, I participated in 3 regional events and one publi…

Sightseeing With NYC Bus Excursions

If you're touring on a price range to see New York Metropolis there are some good choices out there which you'll think about to your sightseeing function. New York Metropolis Double Decker bus tour is without doubt one of the finest choices to see the entire metropolis within the shortest time. These tickets could be booked on-line and you'll take a print out. If you do not have a printer to print out instantly you will get the ticket by e-mail and get a replica of that later. Whenever you arrive within the metropolis, exhibiting this web reserving ticket voucher, you may choose up the precise ticket from any of their workplaces talked about on their web site. By reserving on-line, you may as well save $ 5 on every ticket. So if you're going as a household, simply calculate and see how a lot it can save you.
There are several types of excursions out there, similar to Uptown tour, Midtown tour, Brooklyn tour and so forth. Every tour covers completely different areas. If …

The Remaining Betrayal

Nonetheless reeling from discovering out that your affiliate has had an affair, which let's face it is pretty horrifying in itself, solely to be taught by the love rat that they are in love with the alternative particular person too. Your world has merely come crashing down spherical you and has in a short while begun to spiral uncontrolled.

A bodily intimate affair is harmful adequate nonetheless what happens if it moreover comes with emotions? Or worse nonetheless, what in the event that they've merely gone and fallen in love with one other particular person?

Affairs based totally on intercourse are normally on account of solely a couple of causes. The first is that the dishonest accomplice does not actually really feel sexually fulfilled at dwelling each due to the frequency of love-making (on account of let's be reliable, the longer you may be with anyone the a lot much less frequent intercourse turns into). The second is that even when intercourse happens repeatedly, mo…

طريقة نقل ملفات جهازك الأندرويد الى الحاسوب و العكس دون كيبل usb و بدون برنامج

في الكثير من الأحيان ما نقوم بالتقاط صور باستعمال الهاتف و نرغب في نقلها الى الحاسوب و هذا الأمر يجعلنا نشرع في ربط الهاتف بالحاسوب عن طريق كيبل usb حيث ان هذه الطريقة الكلاسيكية وجد لها العديد من الحلول لكن قد تكون هذه الأخيرة تعتمد على بعض البرامج و تطبيقات معقدة الى غير مستحبة من طرف فئة لا يستهان بها من المستخدمين. في هذا الموضوع سوف أشارككم على مدونة تقني فور طريقة بسيطة جدا و أكثر من سهلة بكل صراحة لنقل الملفات و تصفح ملفات هاتفك أو أي جهاز يعمل بالأندرويد بدون ربط هذا الأخير بحاسوبك عن طريق كيبل usb فقط و من خلال انشاء ip لتزامن الحاسوب مع الهاتف ، فما يجب أن تعلمه أنك لن تقوم بتثبيت أي برنامج على حاسوبك فستقوم بتحميل تطبيق صغير الحجم على جهازك الأندرويد و هو تطبيق مشهور جدا أعتقد أنه متوفر بأي جهاز أندرويد (اسم التطبيق : ES File Explorer) ستجد رابطه أسفل التدوينة كالعادة ثم تذهب الى القائمة الجانبية اليسرى بالتطبيق تنقر عليها ثم Network بعد ذلك تختار Remote Manager. جميل .. الأن انقر على Turn On اذ و قبل ذلك تأكد جيدا أنك تلج نفس شبكة الواي فاي سواء على الحاسوب أو على الهاتف ، س…

تطبيق رائع لتغيير إصدار هاتفك لكي تتمكن من تحميل التطبيقات الغير متوافقة مع جهازك بسهولة

لا شك أنه في كثير من الأحيان تريد تحميل إحدى التطبيقات من متجر جوجل بلاي فتواجهك مشكلة عدم توافق التطبيق مع جهازك خاصة إذا كان ذا مواصفات ضعيفة نوعا ما، و هذا راجع لكون هاتفك يتوفر على إصدار قديم، لهذا في موضوع اليوم سأقدم لك الحل النهائي لهذه المشكلة من خلال تطبيق. التطبيق يدعى Build Prop Editor و يتجلى دوره في جعل هاتفك يبدوا و كأنه ينتمي للإصدار الحديث، و للاستفادة من التطبيق يجب أولا أن يكون هاتفك يتوفر على صلاحيات الروت و التي يمكنك الحصول عليها من خلال موضوع سبق التطرق إليه : أحصل على صلاحيات الروت بطريقة سهلة. بعد ذلك حمّل التطبيق على جهازك و أنقر على زر القلم المتواجد بالأسفل من أجل التعديل و تغيير إصدار هاتفك. ستظهر لك مجموعة كبيرة من الملفات توجه إلى ro product model  ثم قم بتغيير إصدار هاتفك فمثلا أنا اخترت sm-n910f  بعد ذلك ضع نفس الإسم الذي اخترت في كل من ro product name  و ro product device و ro product boardثم إضغط علىSave و بهذا قد تكون غيّرت إصدار هاتفك بطريقة ذكية و سهلة لتتمكن بعد ذلك من تحميل أي تطبيق على بلاي ستور دون مشاكل، و كملاحظة فإن الخدعة صالحة أيضا بالنسبة لله…